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Let’s make a better planet!

Let's make a better planet!

Environmental excellence. Honestly.
Proof of Toyota's environmental leadership is in our first-class performance, year after year. and in our action plans. We are always HONEST and AUTHENTIC about where we are and where we're headed.

We prioritize accomplishment over hype, and we're not satisfied with the status quo.

With our track record of producing world-changing vehicles like PRIUS and MIRAI, we're building better cars for the future.

Through outstanding environmental performance by our manufacturing plants, we are reducing the amount of ELECTRICITY and WATER we use and the WASTE we leave behind.

Our Toyota team members are a big part of our environmental success. They play an important role as ENVIRONMENTAL AMBASSADORS, and they are helping Toyota create meaningful, positive change for a better tomorrow.

Toyota measures environmental performance across four key focus areas.
Toyota's environmental activities in North America are designed around four important FOCUS AREAS that drive our environmental planning, strategies and actions. (Carbon, Water, Materials, Biodiversity)

How do we reduce carbon? we reduce CO2 emissions from our vehicles through improved fuel efficiency and the use of hybrid technology as well as electrification. in our manufacturing plants and logistic operations, we reduce CO2 emissions through innovative projects that cut energy and fuel consumption and increase our use of renewable energy.

Sun Power in Plano
The 8.79-Megawatt solar array is the largest on-site corporate solar installation among non-utility companies in the state of Texas. In total, the system is expected to provide approximately one-third of the power needed for Toyota's new headquarters campus.

How do we use less water? We find ways to conserve, especially in our manufacturing processes. Each year, we use fewer and fewer gallons to produce a vehicle, and we're finding new ways to recycle and reuse. We concentrate on water-stressed areas of North America, such as California, Texas and Mexico, to make a little water go a long way.

Harvesting the rain
A rainwater harvesting system was installed at our 100-acre headquarters in Plano, Texas. over the course of a year, we expect to collect more than 11 million gallons of rain, which will be used to irrigate the native landscaping around campus.

How do we reduce waste? We emphasized recycling at all of our locations, from the largest manufacturing site to the smallest office. We even recycle waste when we build a new facility. each one of our team members plays a role in making sure material stays out of the trash.

Recycling batteries in Yellowstone

Toyota recovered over 200 battery packs that once powered Camry hybrid vehicles, and then used solar panels to generate the renewable electricity stored within the batteries. This innovative system delivers power for the Lamar Buffalo ranch in Yellowstone National park.

How do we protect biodiversity? Toyota's biodiversity efforts support the unique balance of plants, animals in ecosystems. as we plan, constructing manage our facilities across North America, we minimize the disruption of natural habitats and proactively support pollinator and native species.

Project Bluebird in Bodine
Working with conservation experts from the wildlife habitat Council, Toyota team members in Troy, Missouri, hand-built special eastern bluebird nesting houses that keep baby birds safe by keeping predators out.

Sharing know-how
We know to really make a difference, we must work with others and share our know-how. We support a variety of outreach projects that align with our key focus areas of Carbon, Water, Material and Biodiversity. Through the power of collaboration, our actions harness the power of partnerships to help us shape a more sustainable future.

Recycling in the Galápagos Islands
Toyota worked with World Wildlife Fund to develop a comprehensive waste management system in the Galápagos. Our investment of time and design assistance led to the construction of a municipal landfill, the installation of a mechanical composter, and recycling collection center for plastic, glass, aluminum and paper.

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